Day trading platform

TraderEvolution can be used as a day trading platform by prop trading firms and education companies.

Rich set of trading tools along with flexible customization and market simulation module allows buy-side firms and prop desks to aggregate all the operations under the one roof.

Trading tools

Our trading terminals are equipped with convenient tools for swift trading with the use of mouse, arrows, hotkeys or bulk-action shortcuts.

Everything that scalpers, day traders and swing traders might need to trade equities, futures, spot contracts and CFDs effectively.

Market depth
  • Mouse trading feature
  • Quick order entry & position info bar
  • Trading with customizable hotkeys
  • 5 styles & coloring schemes
Mouse trading
Position bar
Quick order entry
  • Visual information on Time & sales
  • Depth of market visualized
  • Trading with mouse and hotkeys
  • Chart overlay and tick chart
Market depth
Cumulative size
Position info
  • Level 2 data as a trading ladder
  • Features mouse trading
  • Drag & drop order management
  • Hot buttons for bulk actions
Order display
Mouse trading (one click and drag & drop)
Position info
  • Criterion-based actions on groups of orders
  • Customizable list of buttons
  • Bulk order management
  • Available in 4 different panels
Customizable columns
Quick close
Hot buttons
Chart Trading
  • Visual trading with mouse
  • Volume and technical analysis tools
  • Custom timeframes and 14 chart types & styles
  • Quick order entry add-on

Market Analysis

To complement the extensive trading functionality we have developed a set of sophisticated tools for analyzing level 1 and 2 market data together with the underlying order flow.

Cluster chart
  • Displays trades data per price level within each bar
  • 9 different types of data
  • Available modes: single cells, pairs, volume imbalance
  • Highly useful in sophisticated trading strategies
Order flow surface
  • Real-time order flow on a tick chart
  • Visual information on depth of the market (heatmap)
  • Features volume information (volume dots)
  • Part of the volume analysis toolbox
Tick chart
  • Tracking every quote from data provider
  • Features order flow surface and volume dots
  • Displays bid/ask or last
  • One of 14 chart types & styles
Volume profile
  • Displays data per price level
  • Shows delta, total volume, one-sided volume, trades and more
  • Numerous volume profiles allowed on chart
  • Part of the volume analysis toolbox
Historical T&S
  • Displays historical time & sales readings
  • Allows conditional coloring of cells and values
  • Part of the volume analysis toolbox

Live trading room

Integrated live video streaming

Risk management

  • Daily limits
  • Max drawdown
  • Max order capital
  • Warnings

Market simulator

Realistic risk free market simulator with execution based on the real depth of the market execution simulation as close as possible to the real market

Feel free to:

  • Include us in your RFI & RFP processes
  • Ask to sign a mutual NDA with us
  • Request an introductory call, product presentation and demo account
  • Visit our offices and meet our teams

Please note that we are working directly only with businesses (B2B).


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