Multi-market trading platform

Multi-market trading platform

TraderEvolution is an end-to-end brokerage solution incorporating a back-end and a full set of front-end trading platforms with a wide range of market connectivities.

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Supported instrument types:

Equities, ETFs, Futures, Options, Bonds, FX, CFDs.

The system allows dealing and transacting both exchange-traded products and OTC derivatives, having all key functionalities covering the lifecycle of each of the aforementioned types of products.


Connectivity to markets:

Connect to any destination you need. More than 60 ready-to-go integrations with prime brokers, banks, ECNs, exchanges, news and market data providers.

Prime brokers
Market data providers
Connectivity to markets


TraderEvolution's back end is responsible for key operations on order routing, market data and users management, including fees, corporate actions, subscriptions, risk checks and reporting among many others. Four Eyes checking and LDAP are supported.

The back end can work as the core of a brokerage system or as a pass-through unit between front ends and bank's or broker's own back-end infrastructure.

Back-endBack-endBack-end text


A set of native front end applications suitable for beginners and advanced traders.

All front ends can be fully branded by a broker while the scope of additional development and customization options allow our clients to compete in a cost-efficient manner with companies which offer in-house built platforms.

Trading ideas.

A module that integrates the process of distributing a broker’s research to his clients within TraderEvolution front-end trading applications.

With this tool, brokers can provide professional guidance to their clients boosting their engagement and helping them to make educated investment decisions.

Trading ideasTrading ideas

Use cases.

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