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Capital Futures launches TraderEvolution platform as core system for multi-asset trading

12, June, 2024

Taiwanese electronic trading stalwart Capital Futures has completed its implementation of the TraderEvolution Global multi-asset trading platform which has gone live today across the company's entire operations.

The launch of the TraderEvolution Global platform by Capital Futures represents a major advancement in the method by which Capital Futures can provide services to existing and new customers. With the TraderEvolution Global platform as its core trading system, Capital Futures can now position its over the counter (OTC) CFDs and Forex on this platform.

Previously, Capital Futures, whose main commercial activities are focused on futures providing a comprehensive trading environment to retail customers within the Taiwanese market, had offered two separate platforms, one of which is the company's  in-house developed system for futures trading, the other being specific to OTC CFD trading.

A key factor in choosing the TraderEvolution Global platform centered around its ability to handle any asset class within any global market, and be able to connect directly to any executing venue in any jurisdiction as well as offer OTC products, all from one platform and one back end system. 

In the period leading up to the selection of TraderEvolution Global's platform, Capital Futures conducted extensive research into the suitability of various potential platforms for its purpose. TraderEvolution Global was chosen for many reasons, the most crucial being its ability to handle all asset classes on one platform, and that TraderEvolution Global's platform is a fully white labeled solution that is deployed directly onto brokerage infrastructure, meaning that Capital Futures is able to have full control over the operations of its business.

As the company continues to evolve its product range, Capital Futures may seek to add other asset classes in the future, including futures, options and stocks, a direction that can easily be taken given the flexibility of the TraderEvolution Global platform.

Commenting on the launch of the platform by Capital Futures, Roman Nalivayko, CEO of TraderEvolution Global said "Capital Futures is a well-established company whose business requirements involve catering toward OTC CFD traders as well as experienced and loyal futures traders. The need for a core system which seamlessly handles every asset class in any global market within one platform is vital for companies of this stature in ensuring their effective scalability and growth as well as providing access to all markets to their existing client base."

Chairman Chung-Tao Chia of Capital Futures Corp. expressed the company’s commitment to creating a friendly trading environment. “We look forward to leveraging the advantages of the TraderEvolution Global's platform to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly system, aiming to deliver a trading experience where 1+1>2 for our clients while boosting the growth of the company's business” he stated.

About TraderEvolution Global:
TraderEvolution is a multi-market trading platform provider offering modular, tailored solutions that include a comprehensive back office solution with established connectivities to a complete range of markets across the globe, and a complex front-end suite with web, mobile, and desktop applications. The company serves banks and brokers from around the world, empowering them with an independent and liquidity-neutral solution to facilitate core brokerage operations or complement their existing solutions.

About Capital Futures:
Capital Futures Corp. was founded in 1997 and is the only futures broker listed on the main board in Taiwan. Over the years, with the vision of "becoming the most customer-centric digital financial company," it has invested millions of US dollars annually to maintain and optimize its trading systems, aiming to provide customers with the latest and fastest trading experience. Additionally, CapitalFutures has become a settlement or trading member of more than 15 domestic and international futures exchanges, and it was the first futures broker in the market to introduce foreign exchange margin trading and equity CD products, offering customers a comprehensive range of products.

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