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Afterprime Launches Direct Trading from TradingView Via TraderEvolution Platform

01, February, 2024

Multi-asset electronic trading company Afterprime has worked closely with its technology partner TraderEvolution Global in order to complete a full broker integration with TradingView.

Afterprime’s clientbase can now use their brokerage accounts at Afterprime directly in the TradingView’s web GUI for displaying and analysing charts, synchronising their positions and modifying or sending orders directly to Afterprime for execution.

The integration of TradingView into Afterprime’s front end represents an alternative user interface from which traders can use TradingView to send orders to Afterprime's servers.

Afterprime's multi-asset product range is made available via the TraderEvolution platform, therefore Afterprime can enable the full suite of TradingView functionality for its clients, including charting tools, community trading ideas, data and streaming features and much more, without being limited to the TraderEvolution’s native set of front end tools.

This means that Afterprime can now benefit from the ability to engage new clients and retain them long term by leveraging the global popularity of TradingView, which is the world’s most trusted social network and information resource for traders.

With regard to the value and scope of the integration of TradingView, Jeremy Kinstlinger, Founder of Afterprime explained “We're thrilled to announce the integration of Afterprime with TradingView, marking a pivotal move in our mission to empower global traders.”

“It is great that customers of Afterprime can now manage trades through TradingView or TraderEvolution’s platform using a unified account login,” said Pierce Crosby, General Manager for TradingView. “Our partnership with TraderEvolution continues to demonstrate TradingView’s commitment to providing unparalleled access to global markets and a secure trading environment. We are excited to launch future such initiatives with the team, offering a seamless, cost-effective, multi-platform and user-centric experience to our global community.”

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