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Options Trading and Analysis Tools Have Been Added to TraderEvolution's Mobile Apps

20, October, 2021

TraderEvolution Global Ltd., the multi-market trading software provider, releases a comprehensive set of tools for mobile options trading to their mobile trading app dedicated to active traders.

With the latest upgrade the TraderEvolution’s mobile apps suite would offer a fully-functional option chain with all key parameters, such as implied volatility or greeks, as well as an option analyzer with the price chart of the underlier included.

TraderEvolution’s mobile applications provide separate interfaces for active speculators and passive portfolio investors embedded in a single app or working as standalone apps. Both those variants come natively for iOS and Android in dedicated versions for phones and tablets.

“This upgrade is just a part of the whole development plan which we execute tirelessly, by adding new features frequently. The multi-asset concept, which lays on the foundation of our product, requires that we keep equipping brokers and traders with more and more tools dedicated to a variety of asset classes our platform software supports.” - says Roman Nalivayko, the CEO of TraderEvolution Global.

Serving broker-dealers who offer many asset classes traded on exchanges, the company is committed to developing all of the needed tools for each of those product types into TraderEvolution front-ends. The mobile applications work together with the dedicated back-end application which manages all of the necessary functions regarding different instruments’ life-cycles.

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