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TraderEvolution Makes TradingView Trading Platform Available as Alternative to Native Apps

30, April, 2024

Further emphasizing TraderEvolution's commitment to ensuring freedom of choice to use any front end trading interface, brokers whose trading infrastructure is powered by the TraderEvolution enterprise solution can now offer their clients the ability to trade directly from the TradingView Trading Platform.

Following on from the functionality of TradingView Brokerage Integration and TradingView Chart Library having been added to the TraderEvolution front-end interface, brokerages whose trading infrastructure is powered by TraderEvolution Global’s core trading engine can now offer their customers the ability to use the TradingView Trading Platform as an alternative front end platform, and offer it to their clients exclusively, subject to approval from TradingView.

The ability for brokerages to offer their clients the ability to trade from TradingView’s Trading Platform builds further on the flexibility offered by the TraderEvolution platform for brokers to provide well-recognized alternative platforms or in-house developed platforms according to their business requirements or as a means of scaling their brokerage to meet the rapidly evolving demands of their clients.

At the core of TraderEvolution's platform lies its powerful multi-asset trading engine and fully customizable front-end interfaces. Designed from the outset to connect and integrate seamlessly with dynamic front-end tools, TraderEvolution's platform now offers clients full trade execution capability directly from within the TradingView Trading Platform.

Roman Nalivayko, CEO of TraderEvolution Global Ltd explained “A fundamental requirement for many brokers to be able to serve their clients in the most transparent and versatile manner is to ensure that their products and services are not restricted to one trading platform front end interface. TraderEvolution's core trading engine and fully customizable front end interfaces were designed from the outset to be able to connect and integrate dynamic front end tools and to be able to offer clients access to a range of trusted and well recognized interfaces."

Pierce Crosby, General Manager at TradingView further explained “TraderEvolution’s model of multi-platform choice is one which we highly recommend. For end brokers, this allows customers to quickly switch between native and third-party apps to ultimately find what’s the right fit for your end clients. We’re excited for this latest evolution of the Trading Platform.

TradingView is the world’s largest social networks for retail traders and investors, and this level of trust and familiarity now places TradingView as a benchmark resource for charting, analytics and execution across the electronic trading environment globally.

The ability for brokers to offer their clients full trade execution facilities via an independent interface that has garnered the respect of traders internationally provides the ability for brokers to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and platform neutrality, whilst increasing the lifetime value of their customers.

About TraderEvolution Global Ltd:
TraderEvolution is a multi-market trading platform provider offering modular, tailored solutions that include a back-end with established connectivities to dozens of markets across the globe, and a complex front-end suite with web, mobile, and desktop applications. The company serves banks and brokers from around the world, empowering them with an independent and liquidity-neutral solution to facilitate core brokerage operations or complement their existing solutions.

About TradingView:
is a globally renowned charting platform and a vibrant community used by over 70 million traders around the globe. TradingView empowers its users with best-in-class charting tools, live market data, a comprehensive analytical suite, and trading integrations with selected partners. It is a unique space where market enthusiasts can chart, chat, and trade. Beyond premier user experience, TradingView provides solutions for businesses, including advertising, news partnerships, market widgets, charting libraries, and broker integrations.

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