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TraderEvolution partners with LiquidityFinder; hosts Executive Club event in Limassol, Cyprus

21, May, 2024


In keeping with the high-touch, customer-centric ethos which is a core tenet of the company's fundamental principles, TraderEvolution Global Ltd partnered with electronic trading industry B2B social marketplace and news source LiquidityFinder to bring to fruition the very first LiquidityFinder Executive Club (LFEC) event, which took place on May 16 at La Caleta, a luxurious private venue within The Icon in Limassol Cyprus.

Recognizing the need for senior executives within all areas of the brokerage industry to be able to gain access to valuable thought leadership from companies that can provide solutions to important matters facing brokerages in the modern era, TraderEvolution Global's Chief Product Officer Andrew Saks, an industry veteran with 33 years of expertise, commenced the evening with a keynote address which brought  vital matters to the forefront of discussion for the evening.

This led to brokerage executives looking closely at implementing their own back end-first platform which would enable the autonomy to be able to scale a brokerage and adapt according to how it needs to build its business rather than being constrained by a technology provider.

Related to this poignant matter was a subsequent keynote address by Pierce Crosby, General Manager at TradingView, in which a detailed explanation of the TradingView social network for retail traders was given, as well as an introduction to its multi-asset capabilities, in which listed products on exchanges in various important regions are now available on TradingView, tying in nicely with the multi-asset design of the TraderEvolution platform.

Ergo, brokerages can offer their clients the ability to execute trades on many diverse global markets directly from the TradingView platform, using the TraderEvolution Global back end trading platform as the core trading engine.

Over 75 senior executives from well recognized brokerages attended the event, underscoring the need to meet and address these matters in person, all of whom were able to engage directly with TraderEvolution Global’s senior management team, including CEO Roman Nalivayko and R&D Director Oleksandr Kachur.

TraderEvolution Global would like to thank all who participated, and those wishing to find out more are welcome to contact us by clicking here.

From left: Oleksandr Kachur, Sam Low, Andrew Saks, Pierce Crosby, Roman Nalivayko


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